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  1. Tonight
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Lyrics by Jana Hurdesova ©

I know, that I should go, it's late.
Why it's so hard to leave tonight?
I've known you a long time,you're my friend.
But something's different, no doubt.

The way you're looking at me,
the way you're touching me tonight.
The way you're saying stay with me
that appears to be so right.

I never thought of me and you,
now I'm opening my eyes,
I'm getting all confused by you,
and you're reading all my signs.

The way I'm looking at you,
the way I'm touching you tonight.
The way I'm saying stay with me
that appears to be so right.

I think that I am dreaming,
cause all that what I'm feeling.
I can't stop my heavy breathing,
I hear my heart is screaming.

Please don't go,.Don't without me.
I love you and you love me.
I know it took a long time,
we're here and love is our crime.
Please don't stop, don't let it go,
It's too late,let it be so.

Feels like we're lighting flames of love,
Look at me, It has begun.
You've been close to me all my life,
and now I see, that you're the one.