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  1. Move On
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Move On
Lyrics by Jana Hurdesova ©

Is it me or is it you
who doesn't wanna hear it?
How long can we face this
before things falls apart?

Everything is breaking down,
we don't wanna see it.
Get use to each other
and now is hard to say good bye.

Being here and being there
together but with out you.
Even though you're close to me
I still feel so alone.

For no trying, white lying
I don't wanna blame you.
This is life and we both know,
it's time to go.

We're moving on, cause love is gone.
Love is gone, cause all we've done.
We're moving on, cause life goes on.

Is it me and is it you?
I know, I can't believe it.
That's the only true
and now we have to fight the pain.

Feels like crying and dying,
it's too late to change it.
They say, that along with the ending
something new begins.